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SharedStake Improvement Proposals (SIPs) describe standards for the SharedStake Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

SIP Types

SIP Statuses


  1. Review SIP-1.
  2. Fork the repository by clicking “Fork” in the top right.
  3. Add your SIP to your fork of the repository. There is a template SIP here.
  4. Submit a Pull Request

Before you begin writing a formal SIP, you should vet your idea with the SharedStake community. Ask if an idea is original to avoid wasting time on something that will be be rejected based on prior research. When you believe your SIP is mature and ready to progress, ask to have your issue added to the next governance call where it can be discussed for inclusion in a future platform upgrade. If the community agrees to include it, the SIP editors will update the state of your SIP to ‘Approved’.

If your SIP requires images, the image files should be included in a subdirectory of the assets folder for that SIP, using the following naming convention: assets/sip-X (for sip X). When linking to an image in the SIP, use relative links such as ../assets/sip-X/image.png.

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